The photometry course requires active participation in observations with the Mayer 65-cm telescope located at the Ondřejov observatory and submitting a report according to the instructions of the supervisor. The observations are obtained remotely from the Astronomical Institute in Troja campus, building V. Students need to contact an observer and schedule their observations according to the observing schedule available online. The observers participating in this course are Marek Wolf (MW) and Petr Zasche (PZ). Contact information can be found in the observing schedule. Observations typically start at the sunset

and last until the midnight.

The report can be submitted either in Czech, Slovak, or English and it should contain:
  • Description of the telescope and of the weather conditions.
  • Description of the obtained observations.
  • Description of the method used for reduction of the observations and their analysis.
  • Description of selected targets.
  • Light curves of observed objects, finding chart, estimates of mid-eclipse times, and other results requested by the supervisor.

If you want to write the report in LaTeX, you can use this simple template:

Useful links

Mayer telescope observing tools
Includes: All-Sky camera, meteo information, satelite view, and weather forecast

Astronomical database with useful information about the observed targets.

Software for reduction of observations and light curve assembly.

Software for reduction of observations and light curve assembly.